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coming to the end what the experts say


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2 minutes ago, papasmurfbell said:

Bill played this perfectly.  The super smart QB who can make every read and throw.  By week 10 I think Jones might be starting over Cam.  

By week 2

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6 minutes ago, papasmurfbell said:

Why does Was need a LB?  I thought there might be a shot of them trading up for a QB.  That D now is monster.  They need to tweak the offense to keep winning the east.

Rhery are SB contenders if they can get Rodgers if he gets away from the Packers. Same for New Orleans....Giants.

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5 minutes ago, papasmurfbell said:

I really want it hosted here.  I say Ft McHenry.  The fort as the backdrop behind the stage.  They can put up bleachers.  Have the players in teh green room arrive by boat at  the dock there and walk the red carpet.  It could be great.


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