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8 hours ago, papasmurfbell said:

RB in the first round.  



Teams unnecessarily taking running backs: Running backs do matter. But they can be found later in the draft. Sometimes after the draft. 

The Jaguars know this. Last year they got James Robinson as an undrafted free agent, and he had 1,414 yards from scrimmage. He was a good NFL starter. :bow:

And the Jaguars, who went 1-15 last season and have many needs, took a running back 25th overall. Clemson running back Travis Etienne is a very good player, but was that the best way for the Jaguars to use their draft resources? 

The Pittsburgh Steelers also made a questionable pick at running back. Najee Harris is a good player. But the Steelers might not have anyone to block for him. Their offensive line is in disrepair,:fishin: and passing on much-needed O-line help for a running back seemed like an odd decision with the 24th pick. But the Steelers seemingly locked into that decision early on and stuck with it. 

Harris and Etienne could be good players in the NFL. They've got the talent. It just seemed those teams could have better used those picks to fill other holes, which is the case for most early running back picks. .....NFL draft winners and losers: Chicago Bears gave their fans hope with great Justin Fields pick (msn.com)


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