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One Fine Afternoon Chat


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I was searching NFL.com to find out which teams have the best winning percentage at home. So you have to put in your question and next thing I know a chat box comes up...with a real live person....the poor soul got me...:)


Here's a cut and paste of the chat....


Thank you for choosing NFLshop.com. Unfortunately Stacy is busy assisting other customers. A Fan Agent will be with you shortly.


Hello, thank you for contacting the NFLShop.com, the official store of the NFL. My name is Kym. Who do I have the pleasure of chatting with today?


You: I want to know what teams have the best home field winning percentage...


Kym: It is a pleasure chatting with you. I do apologize I do not know that information off the top of my head. Was there a particular product you would like to know more about on the NFLShop.com store?


You: Not until there is a new collective barganing agreement and we have football again.


Kym: I understand. Also keep in mind we have the great offer of 20% off golf accessories by Team Golf. These would make the perfect gift for Father's Day if they enjoy a good round of golf.


You: Give that 20% to the plaqyers and get this show back on the road


Kym: The 20% sale is for Team Golf Accessories. Also we have the outlet section were you can save up 60% off original retail**, and we have a great offer on the men's short sleeve trophy collection tee for Green Bay buy one get one 50% off.


You: Kym...I respect you, but you do know that if the league doesn't end this lockout then your next job could be selling Yagee Water on a street corner in Cleveland.


Kym: I'm sorry we are located in Kentucky. Was there anything else I could be of assistance with today?



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