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Cody looking less than mountainous


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ABERDEEN - Baltimore Ravens nose guard Terrence "Mount" Cody debunked rumors that he had ballooned up to 400 pounds during the NFL lockout.


He appeared to be noticeably lighter and leaner than his rookie season while playing in offensive guard Ben Grubbs' annual charity softball game Sunday at Ripken Stadium.


Listed at 6-foot-4, 349 pounds on the roster, Cody declined to reveal how much he currently weighs. He said he wants it to be a surprise whenever the work stoppage is over.


The former Alabama consensus All-American defensive lineman said he definitely weighs less than he did last season.





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Charles was eating up the Ravens until Cody fell on him.


I think he'll develop into a very good DT...next to Ngata that would be a very hard front to run on...like Goose and Adams.

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Sweet. I was worried about Cody - if this is true and he's not only maintained his weight but lost some from last season then it's a great sign that he's serious about doing some damage for us this year.



I hear ya OTR, Cody, Ngata, Suggs and sprinkle in a little Kindle..This has the makings of a top 3 D ONCE again.

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