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No Super Bowl Window


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I agree with La Canfora...there's no Super Bowl window for the Ravens...it's stays open.


There’s a lot made of what a team’s Super Bowl window may be.


But for the really good organizations, NFL Network’s Jason La Canfora doesn’t think the term applies.


And in his opinion, the Ravens are one of those few franchises.


“I think with the smart organizations, the name on the back of the jerseys change, but not the level of play,” La Canfora said.


La Canfora named the Ravens, Pittsburgh Steelers, Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots as teams that have propped open the Super Bowl window.


He narrowed down long-term success to five main factors:

1.A good, young quarterback

2.Continuity in the organization and front office

3.Enough young stars entering their prime

4.Traditionally strong draft that address needs one or two years in advance

5.Patience in free agency and not blowing your budget out



Window or not, the Eagles haven't won it.

I'd like to see the Ravens get there and win it. The sooner the better.


It was great winning it in 2000 because I knew fans wait 10, 20, 30 years to witness their team winning one.

Some never live to see it.

At least we got that monkey off our back....but I feel pressure for another because this team has so much talent.

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I would say Green Bay belongs in that category as well. How many teams bounce from an all time great to another great QB just like that. Indy would be the final team that I would include in that debate. Not sure how Indy and Green Bay could be left out. Both have been to multiple Super Bowls in the past 15 years.

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I think we'll look back on this season after it's over and see that the Super Bowl winner made all the right moves during this insane period of free agency that is about to happen.


The Ravens look very solid at this moment before Free Agency...they are in position to field a very strong team.

They have the same handicap as the others: The rookies will be very raw due to no mini camps. The ones who develop fast will have an edge. Players like the Smith's may transition or transition slowly...don't know what kind of impact they will make yet. It's "Iffy""


The key for the Ravens will be Joe and the passing attack. He has to get that playoff monkey off his back and come through in the big playoff games or once again they will be in the playoffs but not get to the Super Bowl.


All that said, I consider the Ravens viable Super Bowl contenders when I look at the rest of the league.

Not locks, but contenders.

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I believe that argument goes both ways Crav depending on the skill level of the players. Revis can cover forever, and so can osamunga. These types of CB's allow the line more time to get pressure on the QB. Deion also did this. The other thing these type of DB's do id force the QB to rule out a receiver. This allows the defense to key on certain plays and sides of the field etc. I'm not disagreeing here, because I've seen what great DE's and pressure schemes can do for CBs as well. See Ike Taylor. This guy will be awful for another team. I think that DeAngelo Hall guy was covered up as well because he's just been awful since he left his original team.

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There is no way they are going out there to grab high priced FA's.


Yeah, I agree. We have to resign Yanda and that will cost a chunk. With whats left over, we need reasonably priced FAs to fill our holes.

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