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Oh look, Ed Reed needs attention...


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Well when you have your star qb flaunt the covid rules, go out and party and get it twice, what do you expect. Who is going to step on him?

When you have defensive players blowing coverages, FOR YEARS, and they are still starting, getting plenty of playing time, what does that say?

Sure, lesser named players who are 2nd, 3rd string get sat down, don't dress for games when they blow bkocks in practice, sure, that sends a message...not

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Lamar and his vaccine stance piss me off, but still, vaccinated or not, you can get Covid.  Vaccine lessens the severity.  For someone like Lamar who plays on a 'team', for him not to put himself and the TEAM in the best position to win, is inexcusable.  Yanda was the last leader we had on offense.  Lamar is talented, but a bonehead.  I do cheer for him every week, because I think his heart is there, but dammit, common sense is on a sabbatical.

This defense is weird. I thought Humphrey was the guy, but he needs help and maybe his drop in play came as a self inflicted need to overcompensate for Peters' loss?  I don't know.  I don't mind Wink being gone in the hopes that it brings something new to the table.  His D's collapsed a lot at the end of games.  That can't be denied.

Ed Reed and the group he played with no longer exist due to the new rules and mentality of football.  I miss his leadership, but he also played recklessly too. 

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Well said Grub, I know he is young but he has been at a leadership position for a long time dating back to college and he still makes questionable decisions on & off the field.

The Ravens were in a sticky position after the first Super Bowl, needed to upgrade the qb position. Fans and some players revolted when Dilfer was cut...

Then after the 2nd super bowl, they were faced with a not dissimilar decision, to pay Joe or not to pay Joe. They did but never upgraded the offensive line..

Now, here we are again, to pay a qb or not to pay him, to change or not... Fans and players will revolt, even more so than when Trent was let go, if they don't sign Lamar, if they trade him.

They have atleast up graded where they needed to for this qb, the wideouts.

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I am not so cavalier about it as you, Pops. Fans would still come out and watch the games both in person and on TV but those who are intensely loyal to Lamar will carry a grudge against the management and ownership of the franchise. Those things can get worse over time if the team can't produce a Super Bowl contender and even then there will be resentment. I am not saying to trade or not trade Lamar at this point. He has injected an excitement in this team that  hadn't been there for years before as the Ravens went around and around on the quarterback carousel.  He is immensely popular and many would think he would have received a raw deal if the team let him walk away after his rookie contract ran out or if he were traded. That's what would happen UNLESS he was replaced by an immediate successor who would be a big winner right away and those quarterbacks don't grow on trees in pro football.

I have stated and stand by the proposition that we give Lamar a good chunk of this season coming up to see if he has improved or regressed as a total quarterback. If he shows that improvement we give him the big contract. If he hasn't we can trade him by the trade deadline. We owe him that much, I think.

One last comment...where and how long will it take to find his replacement? I don't have a good answer for that.

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I was of that mind when bill traded lawyer Malloy and ty law.  I had never fathomed trading great players away.  Over the yrs he kept doing it and the team tgat traded for the guy almost always had it blowup in their face.  But the fans at first were mad but over time saw the wisdom. I do not think Baltimore fans are more stupid than Boston.  


On the trade front now is a particularly hot time to go for it.  Brady will retire imenently.  The saints and Denver are desperate for a qb.  That is 3 teams with an aspirations thinking they are a playcaller away.  Then add in a hand full of teams tgat would love a guy they feel can fix their franchise.  A bidding war is possible.

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