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It sounds crazy but I'm feeling it.:gorave:


Lamar's working out again....

ravens on Instagram: PRO‼️👍 via @new_era8

I'm feeling #3 on the way this year.:gorave: The Ravens by virtue of finishing last in the division have the 4th easiest schedule. They don't have the bullseye on their back. The Bengals do. It's not possible to have even half as many injuries as they had last year. Covid better be gone by the fall.

After watching the AFC this year Parity Rules. There are no dominant teams or the 10-7 Bengals would not have made it to the SB. 

Lamar is hungry and pissed as shit. He does not like all the disrespect that get's thrown at him. Most of it is unwarranted and mean. Gus and JK are HUNGRY!!!!!

I think the whole locker room is. Peters, Humphry, Ricard, Brown, Bateman. Andrews. Oweh. Queen, Tucker. Duverney. All of them have this real nasty taste in their mouth because everybody kicked them hard when they were down. 

Now let's have a fair fight.

See the source image

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Actually, I tend to agree with you and the Revenge Tour. We can't possibly have that many injuries again and the schedule is friendly. If, a sizeable if, JK and Gus can come back and play as they did before and if DeCosta straightens out the lines, I like our chances for  2022.


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I need to see the moves made.  If the ol fundamentally stays the same and the dl gets thinner 8 don't see it.

As to cincy.  They also have 50 mil in cap space with so few fa coming up. Expect at least 2 fa ol.   Fix the center with Jansen.   Btw if gronk is not blowing smoke and stars are willing to ring hunt with cincy they could get real tough.

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