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I believe Reed

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....and ESPN needs to stop this crap or they will lose credibility....


Ed Reed clarified last month’s ESPN interview in which it seemed the Ravens safety wanted Jets coach Rex Ryan over coach John Harbaugh.


ESPN ran a clip where Reed expressed his love and respect for Ryan. But Reed said the network didn’t run the part in which he praised Harbaugh.


“It made us look like we didn’t have a good coach and I don’t like my coach and I’d rather be playing with New York,” Reed said during his football camp at Franklin High School on Wednesday. “Now, you’re causing situations in our family to make it look like we’re separated when it’s not the case. Show the whole interview. Show me at least saying I have a great coach in Baltimore. Don’t make it seem like I wanted Rex as a coach. If Coach [Harbaugh] can’t see through that, we’ll have problems. But I know he’s better than that.”


Reed said it’s true that the players wanted Ryan as their coach after Brian Billick was fired in January 2008. But he said that was before the players even know Harbaugh was in the running to be their coach.


“I still love Rex and I spent a lot of years with Rex,” Reed said. “He was like a father figure and a brother. He taught me a lot about the game. But we have a great coach in Baltimore right now. That’s what I said right after that part. But they cut that out. Coach Harbaugh has done a great job with us. We’ve been through some things but we’ve worked around it. There is a reason why we’ve had success in Baltimore with coach here. ESPN is all about drama. It will be hard for me to do another interview with them after that.”


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I don't blame Ed at all. ESPN will continue to do as it does, because there will always be an influx of younger players that want to do interviews until they get burned too. Too bad really. Is integrity really leaving this world, or is it that as I get older I just notice more and more. Hmmmmmm.

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