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Nice read, should have gone further


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Signing Marcus Williams and drafting Kyle Hamilton has added two safeties with sideline-to-sideline range to join the cerebral and experienced Chuck Clark. Rookies Jalyn Armour-Davis and Damarion Williams have added depth to the cornerback group led by Marlon Humphrey and Marcus Peters, who was chirping watching from the sideline Wednesday while still recovering from his knee injury.

Even without Peters and recently signed cornerback Kyle Fuller on the field yet, it's clear that new Defensive Coordinator Mike Macdonald has an aggressive secondary that can show multiple looks. Whether they play two safeties, three safeties, nickel coverage, dime coverage, or any hybrid look that Macdonald schemes up, versatility is a trait he covets and plans to use.

Yes, looks great, could be great, I hate the use of those words to be honest. I know, I know, it's early, what else, what other words can they say?

This was telling, I knew the defense was bad last year, but this bad?

Last season, Baltimore allowed an NFL-high 4,742 passing yards, the most in franchise history. While injuries to Peters, Humphrey and many others played a major part in Baltimore's defensive demise, Humphrey acknowledged the secondary did not play up to the standard he expects.

While that was largely on the secondary, and the new additions should help..... Some of that was on the lack of pressure on the qb, even an inability to get the qb down in a timely manner, letting him run around for "ever".

Time will tell how well the new coach, new players will help with new schemes, I am intrigued...

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I am IMpressed with the new secondary and DEpressed that we don't have equivalent defensive pressure. We didn't have pressure last year and we haven't done anything to address that issue for the coming season so far. We probably need to make a trade somewhere, somehow to generate pressure.

On offense, I have read both encouraging and discouraging reports about the health of J.K. Dobbins. Most frequently I'm hearing he'll start camp and perhaps the season on the PUP list which means you can probably forget about him for this season. Haven't read squat about the health of Gus Edwards. Meanwhile, we don't have a receiver with adequate deep speed and the accompanying moves to get open and Lamar isn't even practicing. Is he having  shit fit because Marquise isn't here? Do I care?

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Good post and I agree with you. 

Until JK and Gus return, I think Davis and Badie will fill in way better than the over the hill bunch from last year.

Every team has weaknesses. Heath and player development will determine how well the Ravens fill theirs.

I believe the glass is way more than 1/2 full and it is full of pleasant surprises if we look. The Ravens have many players who are set to make their mark this season.

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