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Harbs on the "blown coverage"


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For what it is worth... Two rookies playing because of injury and design...



Harbaugh said both touchdowns were "blown coverages, basically."

On Hill's 48-yard touchdown, he got a step on cornerback Marcus Peters and rookie safety Kyle Hamilton was too late coming over to help break up the play.

"You have to stay on top of that as a corner; you have to stay on top of that as a safety," Harbaugh said. "It's three deep coverage; those guys know that.


"You have to maintain your leverage on the routes. When you're a deep player and there are guys running vertical, [if] you're a deep player you stay deep. You don't get nosy on a crossing route when you have a deep route running up on you."


On Hill's 60-yard reception that tied the game, Hill ran right past rookie cornerback Jalyn Armour-Davis, who seemed to expect defensive help that never arrived.

"We didn't have anybody in the deep half," Harbaugh said. "That was a miscommunication if you want to call it that, and the deep half player didn't realize he was a deep half player and he needs to get back there.

"If you're a deep half player, you have to know you're a deep half player and be back there. We can't leave the deep half uncovered. So, we show them a blitz and we're running it out, someone has to be back there, and that's the responsibility of the person and the coach, all of us to get that done."

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The failure can primarily be ascribed to secondary breakdowns, but a lack of pressure and inability to get coverage contributions from ILB also played a role.  Another portion of this can be blamed on injuries at CB, including the return of Peters.  However, this team is built with safety depth to play best in exactly these sorts of situations.  Stated otherwise, this is not a case of an opponent finding the Ravens weakness, it’s a matter of beating their strength.

The only tonic, aside from a return to health, is for these same players to get better at doing the things they just failed at.

      Defensive Notes vs Dolphins Week 2 2022 | FilmstudyBaltimore


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