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Week 10 It's a RedZone Day


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Here's who we need to root for today: Browns, Saints, Vikings, 49ers, Jaguars, Broncos, Raiders. That should keep us busy scoreboard watching. Over the Next 9 weeks the Ravens could rise to a #1 or 2 seed, win the Division, be a Wild Card or finish out of the ..... Nope. :nono:.....that's not happening. :gorave:

It looks like a very fun day ahead starting with the Seahawks/Bucs right now in Munich.


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Hi Skippy!!!image.jpeg.7e3bf17722af9a7e224e8e7f5fa0d232.jpeg

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The Bills-Vikes game was one for the ages! I was almost as worked up rooting for the Vikings to win it late as I would have been for the Ravens. Almost!

Lots of both good and bad quarterback play by Allen. INTs and crucial goal line fumble interspersed with outstanding passing and running. And Mnn just never quit.

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The Vikings played focused and hard for 60+ minutes. Finding a way to win that one was impressive. They did give up 30 points. They are 14th in points surrendered. Eagles are 3rd.  Points scored Eagles are 2nd. Vikings 8th. Going to be a fight to the finish in the NFC too.

Mid Season grades.....Ravens midseason grades: High marks at RB and TE, both lines playing well - The Athletic


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The Bill's made a huge mistake going for 2 with 10 minutes left in the game, up by 10. You don't put a game away with that much time left, take the field goal, the positive reward for a nice drive, go up 13.

Yes, still two scores, but at least they need to make 2 extra points to beat you on a windy, cold night.

Maybe you go for 2 with 8 mins left, for sure with 5 mins, then you put a game away by going up 17.

As a result, a turnover, a positive play for the other team even if they were going to get the ball back on a turnover on downs.

Dallas made a similar mistake not taking the field goal, in over time, sure 52 yards in the cold in Green Bay, not easy,but better than that choice of plays...

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