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NFL power rankings with 3 weeks left


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1 Philly

2 KC

3 Buf

4 SF

5 Cincy

6 Minny

7 Dal


9 Mia

10 NYG

11 Jax

12 Bal

13 Det

14 Was

15 Ten

16 Sea

17 NYG

18 NE

19 LV

20 TB

21 Cle

22 Pit

23 GB

24 Car

25 NO

26 Atl

27 LAR

28 Den

29 Indy

30 Chi

31 Zona

32 Hou

We can barely beat 3rd tier teams and Sat were embarrassed by 1.  When the playoffs start I expect we will be the 6th seed.  I think KC will be the 1 seed.  So we play Buf or Cincy in the wildcard round.  It will be a fast and easy L.

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Actually it gets back to what I have been saying for months.  They were untested.  So now that we are in the last stretch of the season and can see what the playoff picture is looking like and where the Ravens fit in.  Also it goes back to me posting at FA and the draft that this team was not built to win a sb.  Just bc reality has hit you in the head like Lizzy Borden's ax is not my fault.


It must hurt to always be stuck like this.

Ostrich Stick your head in the sand set up photograph not genuine ostrich  behaviour Africa Stock Photo - Alamy

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