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Sept 11 2011

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Three weeks away, we are no where near ready to face the Steelers. The O is not on the same page, I guess losing your safety valves (Heap,Mason) really does have an effect on a QB.


Last Night was an embarassing game to watch, our first teamers looked like crap, they played 2 1/2 quarters and Joe could only muster 120+ yards at a 50% completion rate.


I know the "Leader" was out but after we took the lead before the half we then give up a 80 yard drive to KC's back up QB? During the drive I said to my Sons, "These SOB's are in prevent D"


I try to downplay the pundits that claim we are in rebuilding, but after seeing these 2 pre season games, Im edging that way.


How many false starts did Oher & Co have last night, I think Oher had 2 and Cousins had 1, that I recall.


Pre Season or not, now this is a biased opinion from a couch coach that only had 1 angle, but dammit Boldinyou have to lay out for that bomb that Flacco threw you. Like I said from the angle we had at home, it looked like you gave up on it..What the heck does that teach the younger guys?? if that ball was in your zone..


The new KO rule is a effin joke, but atleast I know I can get a full smoke break in after a score. Do away with the kickoff and just start the ball on the 20.


Ladarius Wbb, you my man took a step backwards, You suck in coverage, you suck as a return man.


Jimmy Smith is the goods, yes I know Bowe schooled him a few times, but JS had tight coverage on him always and broke up a few plays.

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Yea the Steelers O and D looked superb against the Eagles. It will be another close game, but they certainly look like the better team at this point. The good news is that their Oline is just as crappy (or crappier) than ours. Suggs, McPhee, Kindle...you're up!

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Not ready ? Ya think ! Unless Harbs and Cam have been sandbaggin it for the two pre season games, this team is no match for the Steelers on Sep 11. I am not taking the glass half empty approach but who in the hell is going to block Harrison/Timmons/Woodley/Farrior, not to mention Troy P. ? Add to that, Joe was throwing the damn ball over the place against a very mediocre KC Defense in our own house.


You cant like what you see from this Offense and I am convinced the FO scewed up monumentally by not doing the Ngata deal a long, long time ago as we sqaundered the chance of retaining at least Heap and/or Mason - with whom Joe had a comfort level, or at the very least bringing in a decent OL.


The offense looks pathetic, desperate - regardless of whether its preseason. I have watched other teams and QBs - Rodgers, Jen, even Colt McCoy - and they look light years ahead.


Sorry to rant just cant feel good about this team's current state. :angry:

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Did you see Pittsburgh a week ago against the Redskins? They looked weak and pathetic.

Now they are some juggernault... :)


Vick handed them the game on a silver platter Thursday night...the "All Hype Team".


The Steelers are not that good as Thursday night and not that bad as the Indigenous Persons game.


Reminder: It's game 2 of an extremely shortened pre season and no off season.

All teams are struggling to get up nto speed. The play is sloppy.


The Ravens...BTW...only gave up 2 sacks. Joe struggled with his consistency because he has almost all new receivers to get used too. The over throws on Bouldin are TD's if it was Evens. He'll get the timing down.

The O Line was Rheid, Cousins and Matteson...come on. They are trying to bring these guys up to speed right now before Birk and Yanda take over. The line did show improvement since last week.


Reid showed the power expected of him on running plays, and although Cousins was guilty of one false start, his block opened the hole for running back Ray Rice’s 26-yard touchdown run in the second quarter.


“I love playing next to Cousins,” Reid said. “He’s a great guy, and I felt like we had a pretty good chemistry out there. I know all these guys on the offensive line real well. You can put any group of us five out there, and you know we’re going to play as hard as we can. That’s just us.”


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My feelings about the game were mixed. The starting D looked good. Jimmy Smith looked good and you can't say enough about Lee Evans, Cary Williams and McPhee.


However, though the O-line made some progress though there was still too much pressure and penetration on our QBs. Cousins may have a spot at backup guard. Reid looked better. Yanda and Birk are really missed.


Boldin doesn't seem to be going all out. Flacco was inconsistent: he missed a lot of open guys but did throw a picture perfect bomb to Evans. But this is the second game in row he didn't look too good. Not giving up on him but wondering about him.


The Ravens are not ready for the Steelers, at least not with this bunch. They might be ready if 1) Yanda and Birk come back, 2) Joe tightens up his play, 3) Q plays harder, 4) Torrey Smith starts to at least show up, and 5) the 1st string D just gets more reps.


Right now, the best I can say for them is that they'll be a mediocre team unless they show a lot more improvement against the Deadskins next week.

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Keep telling yourself that, the difference is Manning shrugs off pre season, I seen a look from Flacco last night...DEER IN HEADLIGHTS!!!



th_MULLET.jpg"Stop listening to the callers on talk radio."

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Guest BallTMore

th_MULLET.jpg"Stop listening to the callers on talk radio."





Flacco was not sharp, but he did not seem to be overwhelmed. His accuracy just wasn't there. For now, I'll chalk it up to a bad preseason game.


As for the Steelers game. I do think the loss of Heap and Mason hurts us early this season. I don't see the young guys (Pitta, Dickson, Smith, Doss) being ready to face the smart and aggressive defense the Steelers will bring week 1. If this game were week 6 or 7 I would feel a little better.


The Steelers can clamp down on Rice well enough, and they can double Boldin. Evans and Joe need to be on point otherwise I think our defense will have to play completely lights out to win.

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