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zib is the starter

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Pollard is weak in coverage...plain and simple...Zibby is better and Nakamura probably even better.


Pagano will be using packages for the three of them to maximize their strengths.


“For me, when it’s time for me to get on the field, when that package comes up, you’re going to see 31 playing hard.”


With Tom Zbikowski reportedly starting the Steelers game, Pollard is expected to play in situations that take advantage of his skill set.


“As a play-caller on defense, it gives you an opportunity to do some things with him, because he’s not just a box defender,” said Pagano. “He’s going to show up in the run game – obviously you saw that in the preseason – and you can bring him from almost anywhere on the field.


"We’re all battling, and I think Chuck’s doing a great job of trying to create packages for guys,” said Pollard. “I tell a lot of people, Chuck goes into a fight with every weapon he has drawn.



I don't think the Ravens are worried about the Steelers rushing attack. So Pollard won't be a big need Sunday.

It's the big play passes.

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Yeah mendy ran gor almost 1300 yards and 13redman tds


How many yards against the Ravens? Mendenhall will not beat the Ravens....Rothlisberger is who we need to worry about.



As for Zib being the starter..he's more familiar, but like papa said, it doesn't really matter who starts, Pollard will get plenty of PT

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Just named the starter on sunday i predict a long day for him

I would agree that Pittsburgh goes his direction a lot of Sunday but that doesn't necessarily mean he will be the weak link. I also expect Pittsburgh to run the ball down the middle of the field quite a bit. It may not succeed but it's crucial Pittsburgh sticks to the running game...

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