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McAdoo to IR

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First he gets put on the final 53 man roster in a surprise move to virtually everyone. Then we find out Ozzie and his agent had some handshake agreement that he'd make the roster in Week 1. Now we need a roster spot and he's on IR with a previously undisclosed injury to make room for David Reed.


Verrry sneaky Ozzie. I guess he pretends like he's injured in exchange for making the Vet minimum and we get to find out what we have next year?

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The players accept it so it works. If the player wasn't injured and the team wants to put him on IR to keep him for another season the player could say no and hope to make it with another team.


By going on IR the player still gets paid and has a chance of making the team next season. The same thing has happened with Ramon Harewood and the Ravens have done it before with other players.

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If I were a D player and undrafted I would want to be in Bmore. They have a reputation for making good ones.

This was really a golden situation for McAdoo as well as for the Ravens. He got to 'make a roster' and get the veteran minimum. He knew he wouldn't be ready to contribute to an NFL team this year but now he gets paid and gets to study, workout, and watch the Ravens' vets do it for a year. Expect him to put on 20 pounds by next year and ready to make an impact in the pass rush for us.

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