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Stroud has a year of success, but Houston was smart and gave him weapons this offseason.  Sky is the limit.  One thing I noticed about Stroud is he can get out of the pocket, quick.  Lightening fast.  Great decision making.

If Lamar doesn't sniff the super bowl this year, his rep will be solidified as the guy who can't win the big games.

I'd rank them the same.

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Stroud throws a better deep ball, right now, time will tell if Lamar ever gets more accurate on those deep throws.

But, Lamar is clearly a better scrambler, runner, which for me, puts him over CJ.

Shoot, 2 MVP's, that says it all. If he were old like Rogers, I could see it, but he isn't much older than Stroud and he just won his 2nd one.

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I think Lamar's future success is going to be determined if he can master the deep ball. We left a lot of points on the field last year with overthrown deep balls. BUT, toward the very end of the season, it looked like he just might have solved his problems with it. This year will tell the tale.

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