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Huge game for the Ravens this week


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and i'm not talking about the one in Baltimore. It's 250 miles NW in Pittsburgh. Do we all agree that the Steelers do one thing well and that's beat bad teams? With that in mind, here is their remaining schedule:













After they play the Pats and Ravens, how many losses do you see on that schedule? I see 1, maybe 2 (SF, maybe a split with Cinci). KC is playing better, but I don't think they are playing well enough to beat Pit after a bye. Both the Ravens and Steelers have 2 games left against the Bengals and we always have a tougher time against Cinci's D than the Steelers do. Pittsburgh is 7-2 against the bengals in their past 9 meetings - the Ravens are 3-6. Do the math..there is a better chance Pit gains a game on us then vice versa when both teams are done playing the Bengals.


If the Ravens want to win the division and get that 1st round bye, then not only is the Ravens-Steelers game a must win for Baltimore, but we also need NE to beat Pittsburgh this week. If that doesn't happen I don't think it really matters if we beat Pittsburgh or not the following week...they may not have many more losses on their schedule.

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Whole heartedly agree OTR.


Only chance I see for the Ravens to win the division is for the Pats and Ravens to beat Pittsburgh.


Because the Ravens offense can't get it together, their schedule is much harder. They have to play 7 games against top 7 defenses. 5 games against top 4 stingy defenses in points. That is too much to ask for this Ravens offense at the moment.

They are more likely to make a 25th ranked D look damn good.


The Ravens D will have to continue to play lights out...which they should.

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Honestly this game this weekend doesnt mean shit for the steelers. Next week is the big one. This is normally the time the bengals sweep the steelers. Both times it has happened recently was after a sb. That said rookie qbs have the never faired well against the steelers.


This game absolutely means something. When you lose and Bmore claims victory in Pitt, you'll be down 3 games with a tough Cincy team just waiting to knock ya'll out of the playoff picture.


Then again...with Cam, anything is possible lol.

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I dont think we are going to lose to the ravens this time around. Pittsburgh is a hard place to play as it is and throw in sunday night and that place is hoing to be wild. I think the eay you beat us week 1the only hurts your chances. Week 1 yinz were the angry team with a point to prove now its the other way around. Also flacco doesnt play so well when the national spotlight is on him.

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I posted this on another board big ben is going to shred this 32nd ranked pass defense. With ward hirt he's going to be used sparingly so that leaves our three burners on the field amd you cant keep a safety over the top of all three. That's also going to open up underneath for miller and keep them from blitzing us its going to be a high scoring game.

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Heres the silver lining to the Steelers beating the Pats yesterday..


Ravens sweep the Steelers Sunday night, and that gives us 1st place in the AFCN, and all importantly the #1 playoff seed..


That's all we can hope for at this point. Unfortunately a lot of changes need to happen for the Ravens to outplay the Steelers and the Pats down the stretch

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