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I just dont get it

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Guest BallTMore
When Rice rushes for close to 20 rushes or more, the Ravens win. The only exception was the Rams game.


But we were down by ten! In the first quarter! And Joe was on target! There wasn't enough time to close that insurmountable gap by running!


I'm still bitter. I feel better now.

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We just completed the trifecta - 3 laid eggs in Tennessee, Jax and Seattle and blew our season.

Sure, its not over but we opened the door to the Steelers and gave away home field.


Maybe Harbaugh, the media and the fans should brainwash the players that every Sunday is the Super Bowl.

Every game is the season's last game - if you lose you go home.


Many people like to compare this seasons team (or at least its D) to the 2000 SB team. Not even close or even on the same planet.

That team (or at least the D) played like every play (forget game) was its last. I am surprised Ray & Ed Reed havent had a greater influence and sense of urgency, given their so-called desire to win a SB. I wonder what gives ?

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