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This team is frustrating as hell

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The stars are aligned.


No Colts to worry about


We own every conceivable tie breaker over the Stealers


Houston loses their starting QB for the year.


Yet did you hear Harbs presser on why we ran the ball so little? Come on Harbs? The 4 possession excuse in the first half was an excuse.


Im sorry but from my view, your team walked into Seattle with swelled heads and puffed chests from the week before, knowing that Joe shredded the # 2 D in the league with the pass. You figured you could do it in Pittsburgh you would do it Seattle.


Guess you never heard of the saying "Any given Sunday"

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We have to hope the NFL season and our playoff hopes take on the form of NCAA college basketball (March madness) and whoever gets the hots hand.


All you have to do is look at the last couple years. The Packers were dead last year but got in as a wild card and got the hot hand. I recall the Steelers doing the same thing a few years ago.


The losses to Tenn, Jax and Seattle are in the rear view mirror. Its time to brush that off, beat Cincy and get the hot hand !



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I like you guys, but you're going to have to take another L this week end.


I can see why you're feeling all smug there...


And regardless of the condition they’re in [bengals], they always pose a matchup problem for the Ravens, their cover-2 pass defense giving Joe Flacco fits. He has thrown two touchdown passes and nine interceptions against them over the past two seasons as the Ravens have lost three of four. Those are sobering numbers.


But don't be too comfortable with Hall out and Green with a gimpy knee.

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