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Happy Thanksgiving

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Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!


I'm cooking today....poor kids.


Then I'll be at the game tonight with my 17 year old son. What a great match up and so much is at stake.

Feels like a playoff game to me.

Screw work...I'm not leaving my seat untill the final gun.

3 hours of sleep and coffee will have to do for tomorrow.


Love your family today and take a few moments to list all you have to be gratefull and thankfull for.

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Have a great day everyone.


I lucked out and will be going to the game too. I go to a couple a year with a friend who takes a few of us to 2 games each, thinking this matchup was going to suck no one wanted it and this game fell to me. Lucky me!

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I gave up going to the game :)


Absolute gorgeous day, this was our first Thanksgiving, where it was just the Mrs & I and our youngest son, The other 2 kids one went to his girlfriends the other lives out of the continental USA, so you got the priviledge of getting my MIL, and her gang..


I can used to cooking a 12 lb turkey and be done with it by noon..

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Happy Thanksgiving Ravens fans. I invited over too many people yesterday, and even with a 20+ pound bird, we ran out of food, so we're doing it all again today. I kind of like it that way.

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