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Grow your Fu


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I love my Ravens but I will not wear that thing.



Where is your spirit, you of all people living in Pittsville, Id have the Fu..


And just think, its only for two months, coming in that Monday after we hoist the Lombardi In Indy, Id walk to every Stealer fan and just point to the Fu..You dont think I wont be parading up and down my street hootin n hollerin? HA!!!

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I am okay with it, but after spraying my keybord with coffee my boss has a disturbed look on his face. VMAX at least once a week I find myself laughing at your pics. Thank you for your humor, it makes the hard times easier and the easy times a little more enjoyable!

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Let's see those Fu Pics! I will commit to rock one until the SB if the Ravens win this week. Who's with me?!


I would if I could grow one! lol I can't believe that I'm in my 30s and still can't grow one. Oh well, the chicks love the baby face....drives my gf crazy haha. I will grow whatever I can lol.

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