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Is Dalton better than Flacco


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Guest BallTMore

Every QB, rookie...vet...peewee is better than Flacco.


Must we do this? Last year it was, I wish we had Josh Freeman. This year it's Cam and Dalton.


Let's start next season right now. Is Andrew Luck better than Flacco?

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Who cares, Joe is our QB. It's obvious and should be obvious to everyone that Cam is absolutely holding Flacco back. With exclusively Cam at the helm Joe has completely regressed as a QB. If the front office is smart, regardless of the outcome of this season, we move on from Cam Cameron. Maybe Joe isn't ever going to be Manning, or Brady, or Brees, or Rivers, or even that great one Dalton, however he is our QB and will continue to be our QB for the next 5 or so years barring injury of course.


Super Bowl winning QBs without stellar careers include:


Phil Simms

Trent Dilfer

Brad Johnson

Mark Rypien

Doug Williams/Jay Schroeder (Schroeder QB'd most of the season and even some playoff games if I recall correctly)

Jim McMahon

Toy Aikman (He only had 2 of his 12 seasons with a better than 90 rating and only once threw more than 20 TDs)

Eli Manning (He seems to be getting better and better, maybe he doesn't belong)

Joe Namath


QB's that went to the Super Bowl without Steller Careers:


Stan Humpries

Boomer Esiason

Tony Eason

Neil O'Donnell

Chris Chandler

Jake Delhomme

Kerry Collins

Rex Grossman



Let's also not forget the QB's that were good and never went or won a Super Bowl:



Donovan McNabb

Steve McNair

Matt Hasselbeck

Randall Cunningham

Dan Marino



My point is, who gives a damn if Dalton is better. Screw Dalton, we have Flacco. Flacco is our guy and if some of the names above can make it and win it, so can Flacco. He's got all the same tools. Also, Flacco does play well under pressure and I like a guy that plays well under pressure versus the big gaudy stats.


To summarize, Flacco is our guy, Dalton is not. Screw him lol.

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Dalton has 7 losses to his name, whippity fuckingdoo, hes 1 game better than Palmer

Palmer never took a starting snap in his rookie year. Kitna was the veteran schooling him. Just saying...

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Willing to bet your house on that?



2 Times I would..


Lets get this straight now, Joe Flacco has never experienced 7 losses in one season...Correct?


He wont either, we are not the Bengals

We were 9-7 two years ago Crav. Including playoffs, he experienced eight losses that season.

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I would simply concur with the "Does it Matter?" line.


If the choice were who to start today - Flacco or Dalton - perhaps we could bother discussing.


As long as the choice remains Flacco or Taylor... how good the opposing QB is, well, that's fairly irrelevant to our offense.

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I don't think Joe's first team was expected to do much better. Remember, we were coming off the down year with Billick, first year with Harbaugh. I remember going to the first or second game of the season - against Cincy, I think - and everyone kind of expecting the loss. And then you add in that we went from McNair starting... to Boller starting... to Smith starting... to Flacco starting... all in one off-season.


I would say that teams were probably equal in their quality. Regardless of expectations, the Bengals have a guy consistently talked about as a top 3 offensive tackle, a solid running back and a defense that has been very solid for a few years. The passing game was the biggest issue, of course.... which Dalton corrected with the help of some young receivers.

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They weren't expected to be as poor as Cincy.

The truth is after the preseason I gave the 2011 Bengals two to four wins at best. How we made the playoffs still baffles me.

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What do the expectations matter, though? That's not reality. Especially when you consider that defense is of course half the equation.


Offensively, the Bengals were supposed to suck... and Dalton certainly helped them not suck (as much as expected)


Defensively, the Bengals were supposed to suck... they didn't, but I don't think you can credit Dalton for that.


The Defense was Top 10 in both points allowed and yardage allowed. The Offense was 18th in points and 20th in yardage.


Again, I just don't think the argument is valid in any way... the team around Dalton turned out to be pretty damn good, especially his running back, his wide receivers and, least related to his play but perhaps most beneficial to his play, the defense! Poor prognostication doesn't make him better/worse.

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Let him do this....then we'll talk.


The Ravens’ 24-16 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals Sunday propelled Joe Flacco into an elite club – of one.


Flacco has won 44 games in his first four years, which is the most in NFL history for a quarterback of his experience. Flacco took the achievement in stride.


“It’s pretty special for us to be able to come out here the last four years the way that we have week in and week out to win games,” he said. “Hopefully, I can add three more playoff wins on top of what we have the last few years. If we play well, we have the team to do it.”


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