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This is hard to believe...but it's true.


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Marshal Yanda seemed tough when he played through a rib contusion that limited his breathing in the Ravens’ regular-season finale.



Tough doesn’t come close to being the appropriate description considering what he revealed Wednesday.


Yanda told reporters he had calf surgery the same night he was injured in Cleveland, on Christmas Eve. The first-time Pro Bowler started and played in Cincinnati only a week later.


“I got leg-whipped in my calf area,” Yanda said. “They had to do emergency surgery that night and slit the muscle open to release the pressure. I was dealing with that, too.


“It was a nasty scar and a [crappy] way to spend Christmas Eve, but that was the way it was. I was fighting that, too. That was really sore, and my ribs.”


The grizzled Iowa farm boy drew loads of praise from his coaches and teammates after playing Cincinnati, where he helped running back Ray Rice go for 191 yards and two touchdowns and helped push the Ravens to the AFC North division title.


“There’s not a tougher player I’ve been around in 27 years of coaching,” Head Coach John Harbaugh said.



I don't know what to say...he's one really tough man....he's as bad as you can get.


This is what they mean when they say play like a Raven.

Like Mason playing with a seperated shoulder and hauling in the pass for a TD with 1 arm.

Ed with his injuries.

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