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Ravens Fans High Expectations are Justified


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The reason many of us are very excited yet nervous as hell right now is that we know this 2011 Ravens team can go all the way.

Let's get it out in the open.

The Ravens set a goal of winning the AFC North so they could get a playoff bye and home field advantage to have a better chance to get to the Super Bowl.

Mission accomplished. In dominating stlye (6-0 in Division, 8-0 at home).


Every playoff team is damn good and they all have flaws...including the Ravens. However the Ravens are the most solid team all around. They have the best remaining defense. They can run against anybody and Ray Rice is one serious weapon that defenses have to focus on. They have plenty of solid receiving targets in Rice, Bouldin, Smith, Pita, and Dixon. Joe is a steady, effective and big game experienced QB. He's tough and cool. He can make any throw and there are no remaining dominant secondaries...sorry Houston but they did not face many explosive QB's and offenses this year and after Joseph they are very thin in coverage. Joe put up 303 yards on them. Joe can do it and he should have a very good playoff.


I read this and I believe it...


Ravens’ Biggest Obstacle


The biggest obstacle in the Ravens’ way of a second trip to the Super Bowl is not the Texans, says Hensley.


It’s not the Broncos and it’s not the Patriots.


“With playoff nemesis Pittsburgh out of the way, the biggest obstacle standing in the way of the Ravens and a trip to Indianapolis is themselves,he wrote. “You know that Ray Lewis broke into his pregame dance when he saw what was left in the AFC.


“The Ravens will have plenty more trips to the playoffs in the future with the likes of [Ray] Rice, Flacco, [Terrell] Suggs and Haloti Ngata. But an opportunity like this one in the AFC might not come around again. The time for the Ravens’ Super Bowl is now.”



They stopped themselves the last few years. The Bouldin drop, TJ's drop, the turnovers against the Stealers.

If the Ravens don't beat themselves, then they will be in Indy with a very good chance to win.


So "yea" we're nervous....because we know they can do it.

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Yeah I can see us in the Superbowl. I just have a hard time figuring out how we would stop the Saints or Packers. That said, we have been playing up to competition this season. Any team that is perceived to be better than us we have done well against with the exception of the Chargers.


We have shown we can beat the Saints as well.


We are getting ahead of ourselves here. Lets take care of Houston and NE/Denver and then take 2 weeks to worry about an NFC opponent.

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Well, I sure hope these "high" expectations are met but are they justified (?). I am sensing a lot of pressure everywhere- from Cam to Flacco on the O to Ray and Ed on the D. With all this recurring talk about Ray and Ed's last shot, Joe's chippiness, and Cam's critics, you could cut the pressure with a darn knife,


My expecations for this season were that we would go 10-6 (+ or - 1 win) and make the playoffs. Sure, like everyone, I' d love to see us advance to and actually win the SB. Part of me,however, still sees many deficiencies/inconsistencies on this team (as well as the remaining teams). At the same time I'm drawn (sucked) into this perception that this team is somehow built and destined to win the SB (like the 2000 team). Every team's fanbase can make the same argument.


Of course, none of us knows whether we will but naturally we can win (AGS). What I do know is, Lord forbid, if we happen to lay anothger egg (ala Jax game) and lose:


Bmore will be like Armageddon on Monday.

Ray and Ed will probably bolt and retire (and should)

Joe Flacco will be crucified.....once again

Cam will be run out of town &

2012 draft talks and predictions will quickly emerge


Make no mistake, I would absolutely love to see us in the AFCC game - here or at NE - then go on to Indy and win the SB. I hope this team finds the character, sense of urgency, poise, and relentless play to will itself to victory. But the high expectations and Super Bowl or Bust attitude is a bit too much for me.


I am just going to kick back and watch the game on HDTV. lt should be an awesome, fun and exciting game. Here's hoping they advance to the AFCC. :thumbup:

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It has never stopped, you are lucky you are in Virginia and dont have to hear this shit on the radio.




So true. Everyone seems to forget he has the best win-loss record of any QB in his first four years.

My god, the guy came from a CAA school Delaware after playing under the shadow of Tyler Palco and transferring from Pitt, then

goes right into the frying pan w/o any mentor, no clipboard time, then endures four years of shifting WR and OL personnel, and an substandard OC.

All that and he has won what 44 regular season games in 4 years. In the words of announcer Mike Patrick: ARE YOU KIDDING ME !


Did I leave anythng out ? !

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I think they will win Sunday because they are at home and they have played well at home. With their injuries the Ravens should beat the Texans on Sunday. If they do not then anger is justified. If Flacco has one of his normal playoff games, or one of his erratic games, or one of his confused and slow games then anger at him is justified. Its a tough profession and many of the players who fail or don't live up to expectations are nice guys so its sad in a wayfor them to be criticized so openly but it happens.

For what it matters, I dont think Joe has progressed much and do not think he is very good but I cannot listen to talk radio and hear people bitch about him. To be fair though, just as many people that I talk to think Joe is great so I am sure it evens out.

If they win Sunday no matter what happens afterwards I will be happy and satisfied. If they lose at home Sunday I will not be. Pretty cut and dry for me.


I do not really see where all of the best overall team in the playoffs talk about the Ravens is coming from. This is a team that did not finish strong. Yeah they won 3 out of 4 but only played a half against Cleveland and Indy and they looked absolutely horrible against San Diego. I do not see any other teams left that lost to Jacksonville. Can we claim we beat ourselves? Maybe, but thats a loser comment that any losing team can make.

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We may not win pretty, but we win. Our defense holds when it matters. Our offense has shown they can start a game well, finish a game well, and come from behind. No we have yet to do it all in one game, but there is no question that we are one of two teams in the playoffs that can beat you on both offense and defense.


Let's also not discount that we had some injured guys that are healthy and back after the week of rest. Let's also not discount that Harbaugh is very good after a bye. Let's not forget that we have a RB with 2000 yards from scrimmage, a QB that has playoff experience, and one that is capable of producing the comeback. We also have a defense with tremendous leadership, the DPOY (In my opinion, he plays run and pass, Jared Allen is just a pass rusher, Suggs does it all), and one of the most beastly DT in the league. Granted Haloti has a thigh injury so his explosion isn't what it was in the beginning of the year, but he's still playing at a very high level.


There's alot to like about this team. We've won games with INT's, forced fumbles, tremendous offense, great running game, and suffocating defense. We've found ways to exploit the other team's weaknesses at every turn. You know, the Pat's D of their championship years was very similar. They may not have been record setting, but they certainly found ways to make things work. And when they couldn't do it, Brady stepped up.


This team has every reason to think they can win it all. We have options, we're not just reliant on one dimension.


Now, having said all that, we're also not the best at any one thing either. However I'll take what we got, and I love this year's version of the Ravens.

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furst.jpg "Spen....are you going to argue with Ray Lewis?


“I think we stack up with anybody,” Lewis said. “There is no team in the league that has the balance way over our heads than what we have. We have a complete balance, offensively, defensively and special teams. … It’s exciting to be at that place where we are.”


or Jarrett Johnson?


This is definitely the most balanced Ravens team I’ve been on,” Johnson said. “Even in 2006, we were a good team and 13-3 and all that. But we weren’t this balanced.

“You have to have that balance. You can’t just win in certain areas all the time. You’ve got to be a complete team. When the defense slacks off or has a bad series, you need the offense to rebound. Same for them.”


or Sizzle???"


...outside linebacker Terrell Suggs said he feels Baltimore has its best chance to win it all because of their balance.

“The offensive side matches the defensive side,” Suggs said.


matheson.jpg "Well I'm not."

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