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Yes this hurts to come so close to the Super Bowl and fall short.


The media and nation put them down all week and they showed up. Nobody likes them, but guess what? We do. :gorave:


There were so many good plays today by the whole team.



They came up 1 play short of a huge upset. Cundiffs kick would only have tied it with no guarantee of winning, although I loved the Ravens chances in OT.

An Evans catch would have won it.

Reality is the Patriots made 1 more play than the Ravens....but they were shitting their pants at the end.


Huge for me was 3rd and 4 with 1:56 on the clock and the D gets that stop. Real proud of the D there.



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Guest BallTMore

The defense played well enough to win, especially against Brady.

The offense played well enough to win.



This one sucks, probably more than Pittsburgh last season, but we'll get over it.

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Webb gets a pick. He's just outstanding....he's got Reeds instincts and Rays fire.





Jimmy Smith gets a pick..he's going to be a force...He played well today jamming at the line.


And Steve Tyler sucked singing the National Anthemn.


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Max and all,


Helluva season. And to think I had us going 10-6 at best this year. Hopefully, Ozzie and Co stategize and figure out the right tweaks to get us to host the AFCCG. We win that game today if its at Bmore.


This team has a great FO, Coach and strong nucleus of players. Just need to take it to the next level.


Great season indeed !



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I'm really upset about the Evans drop. Cundiff, we'll replace him. Not much of an excuse, it was more or less a chip shot. It's too bad, cuz I liked Cundiff. Evans was supposed to be our guy that would perform in these situations.


Positive note: Media can get off Joe. It shows that he played brutal defenses all year. Joe was awesome. Our CBs might be something very special next year. Time to get excited for the draft. If Ray does come back the staff needs to let him know that it will be a reduced capacity.

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