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Maybe the NFL is looking to lose another legal battle


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To be honest, they have a case. They bent the rules but never broke them, so why should they be punished. By all means, put in adendums to the rules now so that teams don't do what they did, but surely there is no legal precident whereby the NFL can punish them for something that wasn't breaking the rules. If every team could have afforded to do what the Redskins and Cowboys did, they would have done it. Every team is trying to gain a competitive advantage in some way. Fair play to the Redskins and Cowboys for taking the rules as they stood and using them to their advantage.

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I heard the Indigenous Persons and Mexico's Team we warned up to 6 times not to try and get out of Cap jail in the Uncapped season. The owners had a "gentlemans agreement" to do business as if there was a Cap at it's normal projection. The Owners told them not to take advantage of the situation.

As long as a majority of the Owners agree to anything amoung themselves the minority has to bow to their will.

In short all Owners were put on notice by each other that: "You're not cheating us."

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