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Sharpe to Lewis: Stay on team


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TAMPA, Fla. - Shannon Sharpe'sadvice to linebacker Ray Lewis is: Stay with the Ravens.


Sharpe, who won a Super Bowl with the Ravens in the 2000 season, remains close friends with Lewis and talks to him frequently.


One topic that has been discussed is Lewis' decision when he becomes a free agent at the end of February.


Said Sharpe, who is at the Super Bowl for Sirius NFL radio: "I told Ray: 'Consider returning. You're like [John] Elway in Denver and [Dan] Marino in Miami. They should erect a statue of you next to Johnny Unitas. That's the kind of impact you've had in Baltimore. That should mean something to you.'"



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Who cares. You can't morally criticize anyone else's religion (or lack thereof), however real or hyperbolic it seems.


Nevertheless, I sure hope he stays.



I'm not morally critcizing his religion, just don't know why everything he says has to have the word "god" in it. In an interview every answer has some type of remark about "god", it's just boring to listen to and read about.

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I love what ray has done for this team, but I can't stand all his "it's in god's hands" bullcrap.


matheson.jpg "Yea...why not change the language up a bit to "If it is the Will of Allah" or "First I must consult The Learning Triangle".


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