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115...that's me!

Have my $180 bucks Steve.


I guess that since they got our playoff money they thought we wouldn't cry too loud.

They are right as far as me. My family comes first, but thankfully this year I can handle it.


Smart move to do it now after a great season and... who knows if fans will be able to handle an increase in 2010 if the ecomomy keeps tanking?

All Sports will take an attendance hit and the NFL is not immune.

It's not a necessity like BG&E of the mortgage.


Fanatic that I am...if push comes to shove, then the season tickets and PSL go.


We are going to see more PSL's hit the market so the bargans will be out there.


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In a letter that will reach some fans as early as today, the Ravens are notifying season-ticket holders the prices of their seats will increase $5 to $15 per ticket for the 2009 season.


The majority of seats in the bowl of the stadium will increase by $10, and some upper-deck seats will go up by $5. The biggest bump of $15 is for some club seats and lower-level seating around midfield, which are the most sought-after tickets at M&T Bank Stadium.


In the letter, which was obtained by The Baltimore Sun yesterday, the Ravens say they need their average ticket price to be in the top third of the NFL to stay competitive.


The Ravens, who have increased ticket prices every other season since 2001, said the evaluation process was "very thoughtful and detailed."



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There has been a strong demand for tickets since the Ravens relocated to Baltimore in 1996. Every game in franchise history has been sold out, and there is a waiting list of 3,000 for permanent seat licenses.


So where's "Build a Museum" Tagalong?...not in the Hall of Fame this year!:)

Voters are having lots of second thoughts on that loser.

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