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Joe's Contract


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Heres the thing Pops...Go ahead and put Joe on the back burner this season, and just say we win the Super Bowl...Now what kind of cake does Joe want? I wouldnt want to be a fly on that wall of negoations..We will liable to be without a QB IF that scenario played out.

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So. Drew Bledsoe got himself a huge contract but he never cashed the checks and drove a beat up pickup truck.



yea...but I bet he never bought his mother lawn mower.

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Who cares. The cash for many of these guys is another competition in and of itself.


well...guys like Rthslxssbrrgrrr need it to pay off college girls to keep their mouth shut.

Joe doesn't have that worry.

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He is asking for money like that now. That is the problem.



And what do you think his agent will ask for if we win the SB?


Ben PayoffRothelsbooger signed 6 yr 125mil...Joes agent will blow that out of the water..

And if you dont get Joe signed this year and we are successful again, his contract will mirror what Drew Brees will get.

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The OL is in transition. Where the hell is Jah? Ray and Ed are another yr older and both looked ordinary at times last yr. A talented but inexperienced WR corps.


A move that should have been made but wasn't is Cam being fired. The def of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a new outcome. Cam has proven to me that he just doesn't have it.


What I see as better than last yr is the CB's. They are all going to be healthy and ready to roll. I like that kid Christian Thompson at FS. HE should be good in packages but not ready for primetime yet.


The CU looks to be the man. The question is how long can Upshaw go before the rookie wall?


I also love the DL rotation. McPhee a yr older and a real summer of learning should be very good. Cody looks like he wants to be a pro. Lets see if he has that stone wall he had his rookie yr but can also push the pocket in the middle. He does look promising though.


I love the parts they have for the return game. That really suffered last yr. On ST's coverage teams the 2 FA's they signed should really help a pathetic corps from last yr.


All in all pluses and minuses are a little more negative than positve for this season.

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If we rotate Upshaw & Kruger, Upshaw should be fine..If hes the player that we think he is..I'll use my Bengal logic again, they were a dam good team for 3/4ths, but when you need it the most, that last 1/4 both AJ & Dalton hit the wall.


Hopefully Upshaw will remain fresh and avoid that wall.


Im tickled purple with our DB situation, especially Cary & Jimmy, cannot wait to see them on the field week 1.

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