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Kelly Gregg's recovery is good


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Getting Kelly and Dwan back is huge.


“With the work I’ve been doing, I think I’ll come back 100 percent,” Gregg said after one such workout earlier this week. “I’ve been in the weight room, doing squats to get my strength back. I’ve climbed about a million stairs. I never want to see a stair climber again.”

While it is fairly common among professional basketball players, Gregg knew that micro-fracture surgery painted a different picture for a 32-year-old football player.

“I had questions whether I could push off it ever again,” admitted Gregg, who is known for using leverage generated by his squat, 6-foot frame to manhandle offensive linemen. “I’m glad I got [the surgery] done. It’s a risky procedure, but it was either that or nothing. There was no way I could push off. Now, I’m pushing off, I’m squatting.




496d29765e51b.gif "Great News!"

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I think we keep him.


Still not sure about Pryce. Douglas and McKinney are okay, but I'd rather Gregg. And, as with all big lineman like that, someone's going to go down.


Also, I think Gregg's ability to rush the passer/break down blockers is underrated and WAS missed last year. Between Gregg and Ngata, if they get a good push, that's four lineman already accounted for. Leaving one lineman and a fullback or running back to handle Pryce, Suggs, Bannan and/or whoever else we send to the line.


Finally, assuming that one of our three linebackers is gone, I think we're going to see this unit return to a 4-3 defense. Bannan-Gregg-Ngata-Pryce along the front with Suggs, Lewis, Johnson in the box. And then we'll see Suggs move onto the line occasionally (in place of Bannan or Gregg) and Barnes/McClain pick up the outside LB spot.


All this, of course, assuming we don't sign Julius Peppers. Which, assuming we sign Ray and Suggs, we won't. UNLESS Rolle, McAlister, Pryce or some other expense retires or is cut. Phew. Got that?

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