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Do juiced-up Steelers teams deserve asterisks?


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Do the Steelers reach six without steroids?

They won four titles in the Seventies. But those teams — the offensive linemen, in particular — had a notorious, and not undeserved, reputation for abusing performance-enhancing drugs.


....They knew what they were doing," said Kim Wood, who from 1975 to 2002 was the strength and conditioning coach for the Steelers divisional rival, the Cincinnati Bengals. "They knew they were cheating."


In the case of the old Steelers, the anecdotal evidence is as damning as it is overwhelming. Steve Courson, a Steelers lineman from '78 to '83, issued his well-known confession in a magazine article and later, an autobiography entitled "False Glory: Steelers and Steroids." "To say that anabolic steroids didn't play a role in the Steelers' success would be a falsehood," said Courson, who developed heart problems after his retirement.



Before steroids, they never won shit. Fact...plain and simple.

You can bet Rooney knew about it and turned his head the other way.

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Um this is football everyone looks the other way no big deal. I'm sure the other teams were cheating too. The only difference is the other teams didn't cheat hard enough.

So true. EVERY NFL team has had players that were juiced at one time or another.

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