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Week 14


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O line and running game show up today!


No doubt in my mind Ray Fucking Rice would have run for 300 today if they left him in.

Ray Fucking Rice baby it's catching on. I'm also quite angry they didn't keep him in to go for a record. Even in one half he has won me two fantasy games though, that's my boy.

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Guest BallTMore

Thanks Outside!! Yeah, my brother and dad are out there sitting in the rain. Man, Ray Rice is a joy to watch!!!


It was pretty miserable. We went down the stairs with 6 min left in the 2nd and stayed down until the 3rd qtr.. Just missed Ray Fucking Rice's TD run. Saw it on the TVs, though.


We finally called it a game when Troy Smith was put in. Left with about 8 min left. It stopped raining by then, but the damage was done.

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