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Sunday is going to be fun.


The Cowboys, coming off a bye week, will play at M&T Bank Stadium on Sunday with plenty motivation beyond their 2-2 record. They've never beaten the Ravens in three tries, the last meeting four years ago.


Dallas, which now plays in an 80,00-seat palace in nearby Arlington, is trying to rebound from a 34-18 loss to the Chicago Bears in Week 4 when quarterback Tony Romo tossed five interceptions.


Running back DeMarco Murray, who was expected to build on his breakout 2011 season, only ran the ball 11 times for 24 yards. The offensive line hasn't done a good job blocking for him or protecting Romo who has been sacked eight times.

Romo has more interceptions (eight) than touchdown passes (five).



Horn: “If Jason Garrett is standing on the sidelines on Sunday, and he thinks to himself I got offered the Ravens job, and I took the Cowboys job, which sideline would I have a better chance of winning and have a better season with. I’m on the wrong side. That’s it. He blew it.”


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I don't know what to think about this game. Anybody concerned about how the Oline played in KC?


Absolutely. They better Be-Ware....(I made a funny!)

The 5 drops bothered me the most after only 1 all season...that killed the offense.


I'm not worried.....W.



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We are not blowing out anyone with this defense. I expect Romo to rack up big yardage with all the time he has to throw..i'm even starting Dez Bryant on my fantasy team and he's sucked this year.


I hope we win, but I just don't know what to think anymore about this team. Good thing we are playing at home I guess.

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Bllowout Crav ? oh, you mean like the Browns and Chiefs games ? How did those work out ?


Look, the Cowboys are playing like crap but are loaded with talent and playmakers, far more than our previous 2 opponents.

If they play to their capability - such as when they manhandled the Giants in week 1 in New Jersey - we will have our hands completely full.


The Cowboys are as enigmatic as anyone in the league. If they bring their A-game (like the G-men game), we are in for a dogfight, if they underachieve (like Bears game), we will be allright and should get a win. Either way, we need to start putting it together for 60 minutes - offense, defense, ST.


After the Cowboys, we go to Houston to face the Texans who are arguably the most balanced, dominant, complete team right now in the AFC, maybe in the NFL. .

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OK....if you want to follow downward momentum of this team, then after they way they played against the Browns and Chiefs they get big wake-up call losses to the Cowboys and Texans. Basicly this 2012 Ravens team unravels.

I don't see that happening. There is just way too much talent.

They are still adjusting and trying to find their winning formula and identity for this season.

I think we'll see it begin to emerge against the Jerry Jones Jokes.



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I see....my interjection of reality - saying we wont win a blow out - gets misconstrued as pessimism. All Im saying here - as I did in both the Browns and Chiefs games with logical reasons - is we wouldnt win in blowouts and we wont this Sunday.


Overall, this team is good and should be very competetive in the AFC. Like most good teams, weve got holes and weaknesses - lack of pass rush, inability to convert short yardage plays, disfunctional offense and play calling, Suggs return could be huge. How we fix or adress the remaining weaknesses will go a long way in determining our success this season or post season.


We will get a good litmus test the next 2 weeks against 2 talented Texas teams.



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Leaveland caught us at the end of a 4 game 17 day stretch, and just coming off a win vs new england 4 days prior..What the fuck did you expect that Thursday night,,Pops I put 250 on Cleveland and the points, You have been around long enough to know how these trends work out.

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This Sunday in Baltimore, we’ll see two of the league’s marquee franchises facing off against each other, in a contrast of both football and management styles.

Since 1996 the Dallas Cowboys have had eight quarterbacks, six head coaches and a single playoff win.

The Baltimore Ravens began their franchise the same year, and have had the same number of quarterbacks, but only half as many coaches and have celebrated 12 playoff wins and a Super Bowl trophy during that period.

.....14271.jpg "Here we catch our good friend Brian Billick in a lie"....

....I’m not piling on Jerry Jones here.



One sentence Brian....leave that out and you are fine. He's not going to let you shop in his Victoria's Secrets anyway after this article.

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Leaveland caught us at the end of a 4 game 17 day stretch, and just coming off a win vs new england 4 days prior..What the fuck did you expect that Thursday night,,Pops I put 250 on Cleveland and the points, You have been around long enough to know how these trends work out.


Please that is the most ludicrous bs ever. The ravens were plenty healed up from openning week.

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Bottom line is we compliment each other, Offence had a bad game vs the Chefs, the D picked it up, we forced turnovers..



Im not worried at all..


"force" is too kind. More like lucked into. The D had nothing to do with Cassel being unable to handle a simple snap from the center on the 1 yard line. He makes that play and the Ravens lose.


The downward momemtum over the past two weeks has been due to the offense. I think the Defense has been consistently bad since game 1.

Team/Total Yards (QB passing)

Bengals 322 (Daulton 221)

Eagles 486 (Vick 371)

Pats 396 (Brady 335)

Browns 357 (Wheedon 320)

Chiefs 338 (Cassel/Quinn 124)


The only reason Cassel did not throw all over us because their game plan treated him like an invalid.


I don't know how people can feel confident about this game knowing how many yards this D is giving up and given the fact that we have beaten only one team decisively this year. Looking at the numbers above I don't think there is any doubt the cowboys put up offense. Thee only question is if the Ravens offense is on it's game. If Flacco brings his A game the Ravens will probably win. If not, they will lose becuase all indications are that the boys will score and Romo will have a big game. If we are lucky, they will try to duplicate the Chiefs game plan and run the ball moreso than passing. I feel like we have the cogs to stop a running game if we need to focus on that...I don't think this team can stop an offense that is intent on throwing the ball down the field.

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We don’t like drops,” Head Coach John Harbaugh said Monday. “We’re not happy about that. We would really much prefer to catch the ball when we get the opportunity.”


Are you sure John? I mean really, really sure?


"I really like the way our offensive line is playing,” Cameron said. “I really like the way our young tackles play.


Are you sure Cam? I mean really, really sure?

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FoxSports.com (Peter Schrager): Ravens 27, Cowboys 17

The Ravens have won 13 straight home games and get back on a somewhat normal schedule with their first 1 p.m. start at M&T Bank Stadium this Sunday. There’s magic in the air in Baltimore this season. The Orioles were good for the first time in 15 years, Baltimore native Julie Bowen won an Emmy for Best Supporting Actress last week, and Michael Phelps is living the good life after winning his millionth gold medal this summer. The Ravens haven’t played a complete game this season and are still 4-1, alone atop the AFC North. And I’ve looked it up — there are seven different Victoria’s Secret shops in the greater Baltimore area, just in case Jerry gets homesick during this Cowboys loss.


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*** I'm stupid for thinking this game is easy ***



To put Picksburg 3 games in the hole...Easy money



So Pops you really are this stupid??


Please that is the most ludicrous bs ever. The ravens were plenty healed up from openning week.

t in eYou didnt read a f'n thing posted about 4 in 17 did you?? You got it engraved in your pea brain, that if the Ravens dont win by 21, then we suck..How did Green Bay lose to the idiot irsays??? How did the Stealers lose?? Miami beats Cinncy, in Cinncy???yashiddingme right?

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