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Keys to the Game


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We can talk about stopping Manning...



If he does this Saturday, then his finger will remain frozen in his nose and the Ravens win. Let's hope John Fox doesn't have a doctor next to Manning during the game to prevent him from doing this. Manning is a cronic booger picker.


Talk about stopping Moreano.

Talk about converting on 3rd down. In their last meeting the Broncos owned the Ravens on 3rd down...offensively and defensively.


Critical in all playoff games is costly turnovers and penalties.


For me it all boils down to one factor Saturday: The team who executes the best will win.


So...What are your keys to the game?



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Specialk Teams is the Key to Victory, the Ravens vs colts game we produced something that has never been done before...ZERO return yards by the Colts, Zero punt return yards, zero kickoff return yards.. Make Pay-a-ton go that long field, the more he throws the more our percentages go up for a pick 6.

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actually Denver didn't do great on 3rd down either. at one point Baltimore was 1-9 and Denver was 2 for 12.... they ended up 5 for 16. They just converted more 2nd downs than the Ravens. If Baltimore offense would've come to the game before half time. Game could've been much different

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