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ExtremeRavens: The Sanctuary

Playoffs: Divisional Weekend


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133 QB rating for Joe.

18-12 TOP in favor of Denver.

0-4 on 3rd down for Ravens

Plays: Denver 40 Ravens 26

And the Ravens can't run the ball.


Second half keys: Must get pressure on Manning.

Must make some 3rd downs to rest D or they'll be gassed by the 4th quarter.

Keep making Champ a Chump.


Huge difference for the line with McKinnie starting. Huge.

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Fumble...now we'll see how much $$$ the reds are getting...that was tucked then fumbled


The way they were calling the game up to this point I was thinking the same thing so I was shocked they let it stand as called. Now lets go win the game O.

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