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Peter King goes all in on Flacco

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Very good article that also includes a great breakdown of the *sigh* Flacco Fling




It's time to make room for Flacco in upper echelon of quarterbacks



This story appears in the Jan. 21, 2013 issue of Sports Illustrated. Buy the digital version of the magazine here.


There is something to be gained from watching football at ground level, especially from the end zone behind the offense as a play unfolds. What you see, mostly, is how difficult the game is, how fast it moves, and how singularly challenging it is to play quarterback, out of all the positions in sports. With less than a minute to go in regulation of last Saturday's AFC divisional playoff round in Denver, facing third-and-three at his own 30 yard line with no timeouts left, and trailing the Broncos 35--28, Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco picked himself up following a seven-yard scramble and listened to the play call from offensive coordinator Jim Caldwell. "Scat Right 99," Caldwell said.

Four verticals, Flacco thought. Four receivers -- two right, two left -- running go routes, with Ray Rice trolling underneath as the safety valve out of the backfield. Not much time to think. Flacco knew that Rice would be open; he's always open. But he also knew he had reached the moment of truth in Baltimore's season, and it was not a time to think about safety valves. He was thinking, I hope one of my guys gets one step ahead of one of their corners.

Read More: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/nfl/news/20130117/joe-flacco/#ixzz2IK0n0orX
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That was a well written article. Excellent journalism from Peter King.

Did anybody read the poorly written article from Skip Bayless titled Fluke-O? Don't waste your time...it reads like it's from a mentally immature adult with a lot of bitterness.


Look at Joe today...



He looks like a wholesome young man...which he is.

No big fat ego. He doesn't drive drunk or beat his wife. She was his high school sweetheart.

He doesn't look like Arnold in the Terminator but he's even tuffer. He hasn't missed a game and has taken some brutal beatings. He never let's anybody outside the Castle know he's hurt. Never uses that for an excuse. Never blames his line or receivers. He takes the podium after good and bad days.

Under pressure he's cool and courageous. He doesn't quit or pout.

He's a worker and a team player.

Not a headline grabbing "Look at me!" person.

He's actually an excellent role model for todays youth.

What is it that brings out the haters?

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Exactly. Joe isn't flashy off the field. He engages is virtually no on-field theatrics. You don't see him sitting and sulking on the sideline after throwing a pick or barking at his guys. And he's repeatedly outplayed the elite QBs that they keep insisting that he's inferior to. That's why they latched onto his "elite" comments, it's the closest thing to juicy gossip they've got on him. He's been making them look clueless since they anointed Ryan the premier QB in that draft.

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Its because they dont want to call him Elite...Think about it, Brady & Manning cry to the officials 100% of the time...Every pass play if incomplete, its "what does Manning & Brady want here called".....Joe just wins, doesnt complain, takes bullshit shot after bullshit shot with no call...Thats OK, I like it this way....


Just want to see him shut up heath Evans, it'll be almost as good as tagliboob handing the Lombardi to Modell.

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This past summer my sons girlfriend and family saw Joe, his wife and child on a Delaware beach. They had a nice conversation, took a few pictures and said Joe was just a nice grounded guy - a lot of what I heard and read about him.


Look, I have been saying Joe is a "good " quarterback and "good" guy as well. I personally don't care whether he's considered elite or top 10.

He's a winner and a good guy in my book- regardless of how he plays in New England tomorrow.


Go Bazooka Joe, Go Ravens !

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