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Who do the Ravens play openning Thu


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They'll get screwed just like in 2001. The 2000 Champs did not have the opening game of the season. Instead they had a 1pm game against the Bears. It was hot as shit and Terry Allen was our leading rusher with 37 yards. :nono:

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Going off then opening this season with the giants and cowboys I'm leaning towards the Steelers. While I would like to see the Steelers open up the year I would rather not open in the rats nest with that place rocking even more then normal. Sorry I rarely call the ravens rats but had to do it.

Yeah and how often do your boys bring out the old guys for primetime games?


Yeah that sucks but I believe that was before they moved it to Thursday night.

Yep. It has been like 4 yrs they have done that.

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The money maker is NE


Orioles have a game that day too... Going to be interesting to see if they push back the Orioles to the afternoon or set up a day/night double header on Friday or Saturday


Hey 83!!!!


They are going to have to move that O's game or make it a noon start, theres going to be tailgaters starting at 3 pm at the ATM, and depending on the O's record that time of the year you could expect 47,000 O's fans..

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