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Ravens waiting on second opinion on Suggs


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With a number of big contract decisions looming, the Ravens have medical concerns as well.

According to Jeff Zrebiec of the Baltimore Sun, the team is waiting to hear back on a second opinion outside linebacker Terrell Suggs sought for his torn biceps.

If Suggs needs surgery to repair his right arm, it would mark his second straight offseason spent rehabbing, after last year’s partially torn Achilles.

Suggs suffered the injury on Dec. 2, missing one game, but wasn’t much of a factor until the playoffs started.

Of course, the bigger question is how Suggs fits into the long-term picture for the Ravens.

A 30-year-old pass rusher with a $13 million salary cap number coming off another injury has led some to wonder whether the Ravens are ready to move on without him, at a time when they’re trying to get a deal with quarterback Joe Flacco, along with younger defensive free agents such as Paul Kruger, Dannell Ellerbe and Cary Williams.


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I have heard Vinny and Rob ask if he will be the same also.


That's different.

I worry about that too from the leg injury. Once Boulware hurt his leg he was never the same after that. Boulware's whole game was his first step burst. Once he lost that, he was average and not worth the money.


Suggs needs this off season to heal and get in playing shape. We won't know ...the Ravens won't know untill they are a quarter of the way into the season.

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They are not going to cut him but if they do I'd start a fucking riot. I'd rather see them trade Rice before they get rid of Suggs (and I don't want to see them do either).


Both have contract that prevent it now.


The Ravens hold the card to this question, if they sign Kruger, they are planning a move without Suggs, if Kruger(99% of the media says hes gone) signs elsewhere we have our answer, Suggs is the defensive leader, you dont just let leaders walk.

They just are not going to be able to afford Kruger.

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I doubt they could financialy make that move this yr anyway. The bonus acceleration would be prohibitive.

It depends on their long-term view of things (e.g. 2014 and moving forward). From PFT:



Doing so with a post-June 1 designation would create $6.4 million in cap space, as of June 1. If the Ravens cut him before June 1, his $6.4 million base salary would be offset by a $4.6 million bonus acceleration. The good news under that scenario is that Suggs would be off the books come 2014.

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You also don't have to wait until June 1 to cut someone with a post-June 1 designation.


Correct. I believe you are allowed to make 2 cuts per June 1st that you can designate as post June 1st cuts and split the dead money over 2 seasons. That will still be a lot of dead money though.

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If that is the case, why are so many players cut AFTER June 1?

Answer: After June 1, the team can stretch their salary cap liability over the next 2 seasons. Let's look at our example above, where a player signs a big contract for 4 years, including a $1 million signing bonus.

If the player is cut after the first year of the contract, the remaining $750,000 of the "un-amoratized" signing bonus hits the cap immediately (accelerates). However, if he is cut after June 1, the team can spread that money over Year 2 and 3 of the contract instead of taking the full brunt of the cap hit in Year 2.

Doing this will save $500,000 against the cap hit for Year 2.

Clearly, this practice is a nice way of freeing up cap space in a given year. Note, however, that the money still has to be accounted for against the cap -- and the remaining $500,000 that was never accounted for will hit the cap in Year 3. In essence, many NFL teams have mortgaged their future by overusing this practice, whereby they continue to pay against the cap for players who have not been on the roster for over a year.


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