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Hall an inside LB?


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Hey...it might work....



The Ravens reserve lineman, who signed his one-year exclusive rights free agent tender Friday morning, is making a switch to inside linebacker this offseason. He’s lost 23 pounds over the past three weeks.

Head Coach John Harbaugh texted Hall a few weeks ago to tell him they would like to get a look at him at linebacker, and asked for Hall’s thoughts.

“I was like, ‘Oh man, it’s whatever Coach. I’m a football player first. I’m down for it,’” Hall told BaltimoreRavens.com.

“[Harbaugh] told me that he felt like I was too good of a player to be on the bench. He was just trying to give me an opportunity to get on the field and play more,” Hall said. “It’s the NFL, you’ve always got to progress.”



He's listed at 295 lbs. Take off the 23 and you have a 272 LB.

I think the organization is going to make sure nobody runs on them this year.

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"Harbaugh wanted Hall gone from the Team"


I know.

Instead of looking at the ground, he accidentally made eye contact with Harbaugh, who thought it was insubordination.

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