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Ravens 1 Lands At BWI


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The Ravens and AirTran Airways today unveiled a custom-painted, purple and black Boeing 717 dubbed, Ravens 1.


The purple and black trimmed aircraft with the Ravens logo on its tail taxi across the tarmac in a light rain at BWI.



"Our partnership with the Ravens is now literally flying high and we are so excited about adding this great looking aircraft to our fleet," said Kirk Thornburg, AirTran Airways' vice president of maintenance and engineering. "We are happy to demonstrate our commitment to this great franchise and thriving city with this beautifully painted aircraft."


Todd Heap and his family were on-board Ravens 1 as it taxied across the tarmac at BWI.



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both planes are pretty bad ass to me.

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The hat trick for bird strikes.


Ahh Billy, did you have to put it that way?? Something about the word "bird" and jet engines make me nervous everytime I board a plane.

As a FAA certified A&P mechanic, I can tell you birds are always a threat to an aircraft. Especially jet aircraft. Personally I worry more about complacent pilots either sleeping, or twittering on their laptops.

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