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This is a good, average team, probably the best .500 team in the NFL !


Its destined to finish 8-8, 9-7 if we are damn lucky. That's it. Our season ended when we lost twice to the Bengals. We dont deserve to be in the playoffs. When you cant score a TD with a first and goal vs Indy in your own house, with our OL and RBs, that pretty much sums it up.


This team doesnt know how to win close games against quality opponents. Players make plays to win ball games. Our team doesn't have players yet who know how to make game winning plays. Maybe next year.


This team is disfunctional. The D is on; the O is off, and vice versa. On a rare occasion when both are in sync, the ST lays an egg (Minn game).


Its frustrating but its reality. We have an average team which had high expectations placed on it, after last year's AFC Title game.


We need another season with low expectations (placed on it), a couple of close wins via lucky break, a more favorable schedule, a more comfortable, confident Flacco, and an infusion of young or new talent on offense - TE, WR and defense - including a stealth pass rusher and a secondary that tackles, wraps up the ball carrier (not the ball) and plays consistent, relentless, sense of urgency.


We are not that far off but this is not our season. We are just a good, average team !

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If you told me we would be down by less than a field goal to the Colts in the fourth quarter, I'll take my chances at winning every single time. Same goes for the games against the Vikings and Pats. This team is on the verge of breaking through. Even if we do not make the playoffs, it is critical to treat every game as if it matters. Going 9-7 does not mean we are a bad team, or even average for that matter. This thing is going to come together soon and when it does we will be a force to recken with. Honestly, what do you think the Bengals fans were saying last year about their team? This thing could get turned around in a hurry and it all starts next week against Pittsburgh. I'm so ready to sweep their asses!

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