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Just listening to the 105.7 pregame show and Vinny Ceratto quoted Joe Flacco as saying " ... we just run the plays the coaches send in. " right after the loss to the Packers. As memory serves, Joe Flacco said this very thing under the Cam Cameron reign. This would mean that neither Calwell or Flacco is free to call the game as they did during the wildly successful playoff and Superbowl run of last season. Someone is throwing a monkey wrench into this team's game planning and in game play execution. Vinny says it's John Harbaugh - I agree.

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Harbaugh is not calling the plays. He may have input on the play calling, but so does Joe. I think both have more input on the playcalling with Caldwell than they do with Cam. Anyway, I was only able to actually pay attention to about half the game today, but in the part I watched guys were open, Joe just couldn't hit them. So yeah, execution is kinda key

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