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Is this the beginning?


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Frustrations, Absentees In Locker Room

Frustration oozed from the Ravens locker room after Sunday’s 24-18 loss to the Cleveland Browns.

That was the sentiment from players who addressed the media. A couple Ravens, however, were absent.

Neither Terrell Suggsicon-article-link.gif nor Ray Riceicon-article-link.gif wanted to talk after the game, as Suggs declined comment while leaving the stadium and Rice was gone before reporters got into the locker room.

“It's time for players to stand up, not sneak out,” wrote ESPN’s Jamison Hensley.

Rice and Suggs stood up after the Ravens’ Week 7 loss to the Steelers before the bye, and Suggs said his team was in a “state of emergency.” Now, the Ravens are 3-5, and in third place in the AFC North.

Rice insisted that he felt healthy going into Cleveland after dealing with a hip injury for several weeks, but he finished with just 17 rushing yards on 11 attempts.

The rest of the locker room was gloomy.

“Ravens cornerback Corey Grahamicon-article-link.gif buried his face in his hands in the locker room Sunday night, occasionally shaking his head in apparent sadness and bewilderment,” noted The Baltimore Sun’s Aaron Wilson.


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I think all attitude/character from last years team was snuffed out by Harbs. Ray and Ed was part of the old regime and now out of his hair. Pollard and Boldin were sent off. Suggs and Ngata would be the new senior leaders but Ngata is a quiet guy and I think Suggs is just learning to lead. It'll take time for new leaders to emerge, and they'll have to learn from Spears. Deviating off script will get you cut.

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