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Indigenous Persons better off if they didn't draft RG3


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This makes a ton of sense....


....do you think Mike Shanahan has buyer's remorse about that blockbuster trade to move up a few spots and draft the quarterback?

Could the Redskins still have made the postseason, say, last year with Kirk Cousins -- their coveted young backup -- running the offense

Without all of the daily issues of RG3's health and his dad's comfort level with the offense and the complicated interpersonal dynamics between Shanahan and his son, Kyle, the offensive coordinator, and Griffin, I can't help but wonder if the Skins wouldn't be in better shape. Certainly, Cousins wouldn't have the direct line to ownership that Griffin does, and he wouldn't want the kind of spotlight Griffin seemingly demands. In brief opportunities, Cousins has shined, and he is mature beyond his years and a lot of these distractions simply wouldn't exist with him at the helm. Now, he isn't nearly as athletic as Griffin and all of that, and the offense would look different, but at this point with the Redskins 3-7 after a 3-6 start last year, is that really all that bad?

If the Skins still took Cousins and stud running back Alfred Morris in 2012, and then kept their first-round pick and took who the Rams took with their pick from Washington (defensive lineman Michael Brockers) along with a potential shutdown corner in Janoris Jenkins with their second-round pick (as St. Louis did with Washington's pick) and then also kept their 2013 first-round pick and 2014 first-round pick, would the team be more balanced and competitive? And, will the Skins ever replicate the offensive prowess they displayed with RG3 starring down the stretch in 2012, reaching the playoffs, but only sustain it for more than half a season?



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