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Joe sets a record


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I can accept interceptions thrown when your receiver slips, or runs the wrong route, or the pressure is coming hot and heavy. But stupid interceptions, like the one last week, no. Joe makes BIG money to win games for us, not lose them. He needs to do some serious soul searching.

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Joe's always had pretty low interception rates before this year. I think he's forcing the ball more into tight situations. Perhaps trying to justify his contract or be 'the leader' on the team?


He definitely misses Boldin and PItta who fight for the ball when covered and prevent interceptions too.

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not good


trust me

joe could walk the ball over to Ike Taylor and try to hand it to him and Ike would still drop it


just trying to let you know that for the game on THANKSGIVING

so that makes it 5 games of worry



you all already know

Ben is very capable of handing your defense a pic6 with the greatest of ease too

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