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Should they bring JJ back


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Weeks ago I thought they should just let him walk. Jones has never been a solid WR. Over the last few weeks I am begining to change my mind. He would be more expensive than the young WR's on the roster but he is turning into a production guy. I am sort of leary because it has only been a few weeks and I lean towards you being what you have been in the past. He could get a 3 yr deal or something and turn back into MR. Dropsy. I haven't made up my mind though.

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What a hard question!

He's one of the reasons the Ravens got to and won the Super Bowl.


He'll be 30 and in his 8th year.

Buyer Beware....and Jacoby is one of my favorite Ravens but if they let Boldin, Pollard and Reed go, then it doesn't look good for Jones.


Boldin was so much fun to watch and Jones is just the same. He's a playmaker and a big threat every time he touches the ball. Teams must respect him..right now fear him.....but how much time does he have before he looses that step and burst and become an average Joe.


Last night we saw the benefits of how he and Torry stretch a defense. You really don't want to lose that from your offense and Donte Thompson hasn't stepped up and shown that he can fill those shoes.

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