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Game-Winning Drives


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Sunday was Flacco's 18th game winning drive of his career. I decided to look at some per year averages of other notable QBs (the stat has been kept since 1960).


Dan Marino - 51 (3 per year)

Peyton Manning - 51 (3.4 per year)

John Elway - 46 (2.88 per year)

Brett Favre - 45 (2.25 per year)

Tom Brady - 42 (3 per year)

Joe Montana - 33 (2.06 per year)

Drew Brees - 33 (2.54 per year)

Ben Roethlisberger - 31 (3.10 per year)

Tony Romo -22 (2.2 per year)


Joe seems to fit in quite nicely with these all-time greats at an even 3 per year.


BTW...we may need to give Matty No-Dice a little credit here. He already has 24 which comes in at an even 4 per year.


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When Joe Flacco drove the Ravens 80 yards in 41 seconds and found rookie Marlon Brown in the back of the end zone for the game-winning touchdown Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings, it marked the quarterback’s 18th game-winning drive in either the fourth quarter or overtime in his career.

Three of those have come this season, as Flacco continues to be a different quarterback in the fourth quarter than he is in the previous three. In fourth quarters this season, Flacco has thrown for more yards (913), has more touchdown passes (eight), has a higher completion percentage (66.1) and a better quarterback rating (91.7) than he does in any other quarter.

Consistency remains an issue and Flacco is still making too many ill-advised throws, but if you are the Ravens, you still have to feel pretty good if he has the ball in his hands late with a chance to win the game.


Read more: http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/ravens/ravens-insider/bal-ravens-news-and-notes-20131210,0,7336534.story#ixzz2nAQDotdQ

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So what are you trying to say Crav? Is Flacco Elite in the 4th Quarter when it counts? Is he Elite in the playoffs when it's win or go home?


It can be frustrating to watch a lot of the time through 3 quarters but he is amazing in the 4th. At least the D plays well while Flacco is asleep and then shits the bed and wakes him from his slumber. It's a nice combination :thumbup:

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It's funny. I remember the Johnny Unitas led Colts often getting behind and him bringing us back.


FWIW, I also remember John throwing a number of interceptions and occasionally being strip-sacked.


It happens to even the best of them.


His passing rating wasn't very high and he never led the league in passing in any given year, but I wouldn't want to have anybody else but him be on my All-Time team at quarterback.

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