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Ravens have to win out


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After a day of watching NFL Redzone it is clear to me that the Ravens have to win out to make the playoffs.

Every game from here on out is "like a playoff game." There's no margin for error. No grace.


They have to add 2 additional components to their overall team performance to make this run.

1. They have to have a serious pass rush to disrupt their opponents offense.

2. The O line has to protect Joe and give him time to make big plays.


I'm giving up on the running game. The secret is out that Ray Rice is playing hurt and is not the threat he used to be. Nevertheless they must not give up on the run....keep getting those 2 ypc's.

Special teams is rock solid. They need to show up tomorrow night because they could be the difference in the game. Detroit's special teams are good.

The defense will only morph up it the pass rush improves.

Give Joe time and he will pick the Lions, Pats and Bengals apart now that Pita is back. There needs to be a Torry Smith sighting but the speed and mismatches with Jones and Brown means there are a lot of big plays to be had.


Harass the QB and protect Joe and they have a shot to pull off a miracle.



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Still disafree on the Rice assessment. But agree on running game. Simply put - if it was just Ray, why isn't Pearce at least doing marginally better? Where are the passes to the flat to either?


There's a scheme and OL issue there.

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