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Mariners Again


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Who created this schedule? West Coast after the break, then come home to the same teams ugggh


Any way, Interesting fact, Cruuuuuuuzzz only has 1 home run since July 9, yet we still maintain a lead in the East.


Whats the word on Chris Davis?

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Chris Davis looks BEYOND lost at the plate. Last night was hard to watch him.


I maintain, very simply, he has to bunt against the shift EVERY at bat they put it on. Period. Consider it a walk. Regardless of inning, outs, count (should be 0-0), score, getting him to first base is better than a strike out or a pop-up. If they are willing to give him that walk every time, I am willing to take it. If they eventually decide they don't want to give up the walk, start swinging again. But this is going to have to become the norm for just about all shifted hitters or they are going to continue to see their averages drop dramatically.

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Beyond Davis, we have other hitters - Cruz, Flaherty, both Catchers, Schoop- that also lost.


Ironically, the pitching has been awesome but the hitting is becoming a concern. Granted, we have gone up against good teams in the past 2 weeks.

But we have seen a steady diet of 4 + ERA guys - case in point last night - only to come away with 1-2 runs in the first 5 innings.


I don't know how much longer we can sustain these wins and keep Toronto in the rear view mirror, unless Duquette et al acquires a bat or two. We can keep putting up these Belanger type numbers in the bottom of the lineup and with Davis in the middle.


Something's gotta give....soon.

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Walkin a fine line today but a 1-0 win no less. Well take it and maintain our 2.5 game lead over Jays, possibly 3.5 game lead if Strohs hold lead.


But man, has team stopped hitting or what ? It won't get any easier tomorrow night in DC, followed by Jays in Toronto, then home to Carfs.


Buck or somebody has got to wake this offense up and quick !

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Another Sunday win!

It getting very exciting to follow the Orioles. Right now they are not hitting but the pitching has been something to watch.

This is a team that still has a way to go to grow, but if this continues, and the hitting, defense and pitching all come together at the same time...welll...that team can win it all.

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Max, it's great to win and we were extremely fortunate to have won 2 out of 3 against a very tough Seattle team. Our pitching saved us.


At the same time, the hitting is practically non-existent and struggling mightily. Buck may need to shake things up soon or pick up a legit bat. These surplus of batters with Mendoza like numbers at the bottom of the order aren't going to cut it.

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