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Which contradicts the people that were there shouting that he didn't do anything wrong.


Sure, but it's also possible that:


1) the surrounding fans didn't see the guy "headbutt" the officer.

2) the officer interpreted something as a headbutt that everyone else felt was innocent.

3) the fans saw the "headbutt", but were dismissing it because the guy "wasn't doing anything wrong" to make the officer come over to begin with.

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Or it's like what we see a lot of in my neighborhood...thugs with badges abusing their authority.


Unlikely. They receive dozens of complaints during the course of a game, and it's perfectly reasonable to ask a guy to step outside for a minute to assess his soberness. Judging by the way the guy fought off the officers, I'm sure he was equally resistant when asked to step outside. And if that was the case, then he left the officers no choice but to remove him forcibly.

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